BEasy, on-line interpretation by real people

break through barriers of communication

Universiade Taipei 2017

has designated BEasy as the App of on-line interpretation by real people.

What can BEasy do for you?

BEasy can offer services of on-line interpretation by real people, video call, voice call, and text message

Interpreters can know the environment of users further with video function of mobile phone via the shot to provide more appropriate service of interpretation as long as users down load BEasy easily to link to real-time interpretation service by real people.

To break through barriers of communication to make work and life of users convenient by manpower of multilanguage

BEasy can help users break through barriers of  language by humanized method to solve the problems of life, learning, and work and to upgrade the convenience and liability of communication because BEasy is dedicated to the integration of related resources to provide interpretation service of multi-language by real people via the communication of video and audio.

To extend diversified services by being carried in different devices

BEasy  can provide  cross-platform solutions of diversified service-perspective for different kinds of users including a personal, a store, and a enterprise under the circumstances of different needs via different dvices like a mobile phone, a tablet, a network TV and so on.

To use the data-analysis tool of  users’ behaviors coordinately

BEasy  can help corporate bodies like stores, enterprises,  associations promote business efficiently and expand business because BEasy can integrate related information and resources to link with innovate technology to analyze the big data via the operation of service platform

Circumstances of using BEasy

Renting WiFi router at an airport

At a restaurant

At a scenic spot

At shift shop

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